The Panic & Anxiety Disorder Solution Program

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Real Life Triumph
After a painful divorce, Jack lost all confidence in his ability to make good decisions and felt overwhelming anxiety in a variety of typical situations. He began suffering from terrible pain in his abdomen and could not sleep at night. Work with 3 psychiatrists and multiple sleep medications gave him no relief. He had given up hope by the time he started sessions. After 6 sessions, his confidence improved so dramatically, he reported two situations that would have made him have a complete meltdown before, now did not even phase him. He was able to sleep through the night after 6 sessions and his stomach pain completely disappeared after 10.

Panic and anxiety can haunt each waking moment and turn life into a continually painful experience.

The panic anxiety solution is about helping you/your child develop the internal resources to finally create relief in the face of imminent anxiety and to be able to feel a deep solid peace that comes from truly knowing that the world can be a safe place again.

  • Relief will start to be felt almost immediately, within the first few weeks, and progress into a deepening sense of safety and empowerment in the face of life’s changing environment.
  • Anxiety is not just conquered , a deeper sense of well-being, confidence, and self trust is experienced and will continue on through life.
  • Recover or even establish, the ability to have the deep seeded sense of well-being and safety.
  • Clients commonly report feeling that they not only “get themselves back” but they feel a greatly deep and sense of self respect and trust that they can go beyond merely “surviving” life’s challenges to actually thriving!

6 Month Permanent Lifetime Solutions & Resolutions Program

One 1 hour session once a week for the duration of the Program
4 Urgent/Check in calls

3 Month Complete Solution Program

One 1 hour session a week for the duration of the Program
2 Urgent/Check in calls


The fastest way to joy is joy!  Start today!

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Whatever your challenge, let Dr Forman start you on your way to a fulfilled life of Thriving today!

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