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Finding Your Own North Star

This program is a guide to self loving and inner care. Learning how to live from self-love, and possessing deep trust in your inner guidance, allows you to be a true “blessing” to yourself and others!

The ADD/ADHD Solution

The ADD/ADHD solution will teach you or your child how to develop the necessary resources to create relaxed, focused attention at will, and live in a much more healthy and relaxed, high-performing state to allow for an infinite number of doors to be opened when they were previously closed.

The Panic & Anxiety Solution

The panic anxiety solution is about helping you/your child develop the internal resources to finally create relief in the face of imminent anxiety and to be able to feel a deep solid peace that comes from truly knowing that the world can be a safe place again.

The Phobias & Fears Solution

The Phobias & Fears Solution will completely dissipate the excessive fear/phobic response and help you/your child regain control back over your life and leave you feeling empowered to move forward in your life completely free of your past fear/phobia.

About Dr Colbey Forman

Psychoneurologist, Counselor & Educator
Spirit, Mind and Body Health Innovator

Currently working with clients internationally, Dr. Forman specializes in adult and adolescent Anxiety, Phobias, Fears, ADD/ADHD, Relationships, Addictions and Stress Management. As a psychoneurologist, Dr. Forman’s approach to creating wellness and thriving does not require a diagnosis or labeling of the client. Since Psychoneurology’s underlying premise is that each individual human being is already perfect and whole as opposed to broken or diseased, rather than trying to focus on fixing a broken person, psychoneurology helps the client develop new resources or learnings that will help enhance their lives in the service of reaching the highest level of thriving.

  • Psychoneurologist

    Goal-Focused Therapy & Counseling

  • Professional Speaker

    Past engagements worldwide

  • Rabbi & Kabbalist

    Ordained in Jerusalem's Ancient Old City

  • Martial Arts Master

    Over 30 years of training


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