The Phobias & Fears Disorder Solution Program

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Real Life Triumph
Alisha developed a severe phobia of spiders after a spider bite put her in the hospital and almost killed her. Her fear was so powerful, she could not even say the word “spider.” If a spider appeared in her house, she left the room in terror and would not return until her husband had killed the spider and scoured the room for others. At the completion of a phobia process, he pointed out to her that she was using the word “spider” repetitively. She was so thrilled she promptly took him on a hunt around the facility, hoping to find a spider!

Phobias and fears can be a pernicious stumbling block to function in daily life, sometimes even resulting in a torturous moment to moment vigilance to avoid the object of the fear or phobia.

The phobia/fear solution will completely dissipate the excessive fear/phobic response and help you/your child regain control back over your life, being free of the phobic response,  while having the appropriate response to the object/situation. The phobia/fear solution will leave you feeling empowered to move forward in your life completely free of your past fear/phobia.

6 Month Permanent Lifetime Solutions & Resolutions Program

One 1 hour session once a week for the duration of the Program
4 Urgent/Check in calls

3 Month Complete Solution Program

One 1 hour session a week for the duration of the Program
2 Urgent/Check in calls

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