The ADD/ADHD Solution Program

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Real Life Triumph
Jason’s grades were D’s and F’s. Reading was a huge challenge for him. He was reading the same book over and over and the harder he tried to concentrate, the more difficult it became for him. After the first few sessions, he said that doing his homework was starting to feel more like he felt when he watched TV. Now, he found himself not only able to concentrate, but able to relax when he read. While before he felt like he was having to fight himself to keep reading, now he said it was actually becoming interesting. After 12 sessions, his parents reported that his test scores were among the best that he had achieved in his last 6 years of school.

Some people have begun to make this disempowering label of ADD/ADHD a part of their identity. This is completely unnecessary and even limiting and harmful!  When you or your child are not able to maintain attention when needed, it can deeply affect one’s self-esteem and feelings – you want focus that you can direct and create the life you desire.

The ADD/ADHD solution will teach you or your child how to develop the necessary resources to create relaxed, focused attention at will, and allow for an infinite number of doors to be open when they were previously closed. Best of all, the ADD/ADHD solution is a process that helps you or your child live in a much more healthy and relaxed, high-performing state that allows you to be fully present in the moment and effortlessly bring out your core gifts.

  • Create relaxed, focused attention at will.
  • Live in a much more healthy and relaxed state.
  • Experience the freedom of bringing your attention to wherever it’s needed!


6 Month Permanent Lifetime Solutions & Resolutions Program

One 1 hour session once a week for the duration of the Program
4 Urgent/Check in calls

3 Month Complete Solution Program

One 1 hour session a week for the duration of the Program
2 Urgent/Check in calls

The fastest way to joy is joy!  Get started today!

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Whatever your challenge, let Dr Forman start you on your way to a fulfilled life of Thriving today!

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