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CBF BooksPatients and clients are delighted with the easy and uplifting experience of a session with Dr. Forman. His compassionate approach and certainty in their ability to be happy are a breath of fresh air, and Dr. Forman knows that this is the secret to his success. These attitudes are born of his extensive studies in ancient cultural and religious traditions and his life-long practice in the martial arts, and when united with technologies from the fields of mental health and communications, a recipe for maximized thriving emerges. This is psychoneurology.

Chief Psychoneurologist

In his private practice, Dr. Forman utilizes his expertise to produce breakthroughs in individuals with anxiety, phobias, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, as well as relationship and professional challenges. He is Chief Psychoneurologist for the American Board of Psychoneurology.


Dr. Forman is Founder and Dean of Beurin University, offering doctoral degrees and certifications in a variety of health and wellness modalities.


In addition to his work with individuals, couples, Fortune 500 companies and Olympic athletes, Dr. Forman has facilitated breakthrough solutions in war-torn communities. He has served as the U.S. Liaison for the Middle East Peace Process, co-authored the Jerusalem Spiritual Peace Accord and advised and counseled national dignitaries, including presidents and prime ministers.


Dr. Forman studied in the old city of Jerusalem for 5 years and received his rabbinic ordination. He has brought his resulting insight to many families, integrating the Kabalistic imperatives to live and be in joy.

Martial Artist

Dr. Forman began his life-long training as a martial artist at the age of 4 and now holds 5 black belts and 2 black sashes. As a martial arts master and teacher, he developed an award-winning empowerment program for children, emphasizing self-appreciation in the process of cultivating self-discipline.


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